Friday, September 25, 2009

Back to Michigan

Hello all!

I'm off to Michigan today for the Amy Wenzel workshop! If you remember I went in June, and the first night of the workshop, Amy found out her husband, who had hit his head while messing around with buddies in San Francisco, was rushed to the hospital with seizures, and was then diagnosed with brain cancer. Amy left the workshop and headed straight to CA to be with him.

They are now back in Michigan pursuing treatment, and our rescheduled workshop is this weekend. He is doing well.

I'm meeting my good friend Melissa from Denver, so I'm looking forward to a fun weekend away learning lots!

See you on the flip side.

PS. Wade brought home a large bouquet of orange/yellow roses for our anniversary and my house smells amazing! I wish you could smell it...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fleeting summer afternoons...

...make me happy.

What could be better than a Friday afternoon, Pediatrician Barbie, glorious afternoon sun, a rocky beach and bait?

Last week the kids and I, along with Pediatrician Barbie, headed out the beach after naps to see what we could find. Ava wore her hand-me-down orange fleece skirt that has a convenient front zip pocket which is perfect for collecting shells.

We watch guys fishing and checked out their tub full of little fish (no idea what kind) and we watched a father-son team turn over rocks and catch a whole lot of little crabs for bait.

Barbie got her feet all sandy as Ava buried her in the sand, and Tyson dug holes. That's what he does. Dig holes. "Mommy, will you dig a big big big hole for me?" All he wants is a hole so he can jump in it.'s the little things....

This is my attempt at shooting flair. I am really very poor at it. Anyone got any tips???

Has anyone ever seen these before? It's a bunch of snails that have attached themselves to each other. Safety in numbers?? I found one that had like 7 shells, but I showed it to Tyson and he threw it and I lost it in the rocks.

Enjoy the last fleeting summer afternoons. Unless of course you are in Denver and you enjoyed the chance of snow yesterday with cold cold rain.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Anniversary Wade

Today is the day. Nine years ago we said our I Do's. Can you believe it? Who would have dreamed we would be where we are and expecting baby #3?

So we celebrated last Saturday night with dinner at Balthazar's in Soho, and then I surprised Wade with a trip to the top of the Empire State Building. It was a gorgeous clear night, and you could see for miles. It would have been a bit more romantic if we didn't have to share our time up there with a couple hundred other people, but it was still amazing.

Can you tell we were both in the mood for steak?? Fabulous.

I love you Wade for always keeping me grounded, even when I fight it. Thank you for your committment to me and the kids (and Presta). I love you for making me laugh even though you sometimes have to work a little harder at it. I do think you're funny....I really do. I love you for letting me plan our vacations as long as there is a golf course near by. I love you for cutting your own hair so I can spend a little more on mine. I love you for teaching Tyson how to play baseball because I am extremely poor at it. I love you for sticking with Ava on her bike even though she's scared of falling. I love you for letting me buy a van even though every ounce of your being didn't want to (I think we ended up with a good one). I love you for working so hard to provide so I can stay home.

Bottom line...I love you. Looking forward to the next nine...

Thursday, September 17, 2009


...makes me happy.

I haven't been in a routine since we moved here 10 months ago. Don't get me wrong, I have loved it, but it is nice to have something going on that is routine!

Ava started preschool on Tuesday and goes 3 mornings a week, with a long 4 day weekend break (I purposely did that just in case Wade could take a long weekend off).

We started out the morning at Starbucks for a special treat for both of them....their OWN kid's hot chocolate. They usually have to share, but today was a special day.

Of course the "spark-eh-ly" shoes had to make on appearance on the special first day!

Much to my surprise, she ran right into school and almost didn't look back. Is this really MY Ava?

The tears were starting to come when we got inside, but luckily one of her teachers, Miss Bobbie, came to our rescue and took Ava to the big blue rug for singing time. LOVE Miss Bobbie.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


The drink, not the city.

So you may remember this post here. What an awesome girl's weekend. We each drank a Manhattan, and they were not so good. Ugh. But we drank them anyway because they were $20 each!!

So Janna sent this to me in the mail last week and it cracked me up! I don't know if this was in this month's Martha Stewart or not, but man, why do people like these drinks?

Why such an amazing city has such a horrible tasting drink named after it is beyond me.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Elmo and Superman Camping

We actually had a four day labor day weekend, but didn't plan ahead, so we decided to camp in the backyard. Why not? The kids loved it, and we all SURPRISINGLY slept well.

Bed at 8pm, up with the sun at 6am! The best thing about it? Wake up and go inside to use indoor plumbing...

I think Elmo and our little Superman especially had a good time.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hot Dog Heaven

One of our last days with Mom and Audrey was spent in Central Park. It was an absolutely gorgeous day...not too hot!

We had a picnic just outside the arena where Whitney Houston was giving a free comeback concert, so we ate while listening to her belt out "I'm Every Woman". Go Whitney.

We opted for the best and cheapest New York lunch. Hot dogs from a vendor. $2 (or $4 for me because I had two) of hot dog heaven.

Oh, and I saw someone famous as I was heading back for my second hot dog!!!! Patrick Stewart! Don't worry, I didn't know his name either. But he's the very nice looking bald older gentlemen who played Captain Picard in Star Trek the Next Generation, and he's in most the X-Men movies.

I love seeing famous people...I watch to much E! channel.

Date Night

One of my favorite things about having people visit, other than seeing our guests of course, is having a date night.

Typically if you come stay with us, you get the privilege of watching my beautiful and well behaved and perfect (OK, exaggerating JUUUUUSSST a little bit) children so Wade and I can have a night out.

Mom and Audrey were gracious enough to stay behind one evening. I got to ride the train in BY MYSELF, ALL ALONE, SOLO, and I even took a book with me. WOW!!

I met Wade and work and then we headed to NYC's Little Italy on Mulberry street and ate at Il Palazzo (151 Mulberry Street). ALL their pasta is homemade. The food was fantastic, and we sat in a little courtyard in the back which had a glass ceiling and a view of the surrounding brick buildings. Very "Rear Window" - esque.

Just check out our food. Man, I could only eat about 1/3 of it, but it was phenomenal. And yes, you see two glasses of wine in the last picture. BAD pregnant lady, BAD!!!! Don't worry Mom, I only drank 1/2 of it. Baby Gus is just fine.

PS. If you want to eat on Mulberry Street, I would recommend two other restaurants that have semi-outdoor seating right on the street so you can watch everyone walking by. The store fronts open up completely, so you're dining inside, but a bit al fresco.

Caffe Napoli,191 Hester Street (Hester & Mulberry)
Da Gennaro Ristorante, 129 Mulberry Street

Then head just a block down to Ferrara's (est 1892) for some of the best Gelato and coffee.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cousins at the beach

Now Audrey used to live in San Diego, and she wanted to go to our Rye Beach while visiting, and honestly, our little beach is NOTHING compared to San Diego. I mean, c'mon! BUT, it was still a good time, and I loved that Audrey was so willing to watch after the kids and was willing to let them play all over her. What are cousins for?

And I couldn't resist this one. I LOVE Tyson's bellybutton. It sticks out so cute, and I think he's the only one in the family with an "outy". Although his is really 1/2 and 1/2 and not really a full "outy". But look at the sand sticking to his stomach. Oh, I just want to reach down and give his tummy a big zerbert!!!!!

Jelly Bellys

...make me happy.

And I don't think I realized it until we went to Dylan's Candy Bar after our morning at Alice's Tea Cup.

Dylan Lauren (daughter of Ralph Lauren) opened up the Candy Bar in 2001 to bring her love affair with candy and art to life. It's a pretty cool story, and you can read it on their website.

Dylan's was ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY UNDOUBTEDLY Audrey's #1 choice on her NYC to do list. She has been talking about it for weeks and been saving her spending money for a candy spree at Dylan's. I don't think it disappointed.

So if you like candy, want to walk on candy covered floors, and pay a visit to your dentist, go to Dylan's!!

P.S. I really should have used a flash or changed my white balance or something because the lighting was really not great! So sorry for the yellowish tinted images.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Alice's Tea Cup

Alice's Tea Cup...Chapter II!

Alice's Tea Cup has three chapters, the original on the Upper West side, and two on the East side. Mom and I took Ava to Chapter I back in April, and she slept the entire time!

Happy to say that Ava was awake this time, and excited to have tea with big cousin Audrey.

When you walk in, and if you are a young girl, you are greeted with fairy wings and a sprinkling of fairy dust. I amost asked for some, but refrained.

Check out the decor! LOVE the turquoise, and the Alice details are EVERYWHERE.

This was the coolest thing in the bathroom. When you look in the mirror, the handwriting on the wall reads the correct way, "Employees Must Wash Their Hands...or", then you turn around and see the backwards letters, but also see "Off With Your Heads!!"

OK, I'm craving scones now.