Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hot Dog Heaven

One of our last days with Mom and Audrey was spent in Central Park. It was an absolutely gorgeous day...not too hot!

We had a picnic just outside the arena where Whitney Houston was giving a free comeback concert, so we ate while listening to her belt out "I'm Every Woman". Go Whitney.

We opted for the best and cheapest New York lunch. Hot dogs from a vendor. $2 (or $4 for me because I had two) of hot dog heaven.

Oh, and I saw someone famous as I was heading back for my second hot dog!!!! Patrick Stewart! Don't worry, I didn't know his name either. But he's the very nice looking bald older gentlemen who played Captain Picard in Star Trek the Next Generation, and he's in most the X-Men movies.

I love seeing famous people...I watch to much E! channel.

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