Thursday, September 17, 2009


...makes me happy.

I haven't been in a routine since we moved here 10 months ago. Don't get me wrong, I have loved it, but it is nice to have something going on that is routine!

Ava started preschool on Tuesday and goes 3 mornings a week, with a long 4 day weekend break (I purposely did that just in case Wade could take a long weekend off).

We started out the morning at Starbucks for a special treat for both of them....their OWN kid's hot chocolate. They usually have to share, but today was a special day.

Of course the "spark-eh-ly" shoes had to make on appearance on the special first day!

Much to my surprise, she ran right into school and almost didn't look back. Is this really MY Ava?

The tears were starting to come when we got inside, but luckily one of her teachers, Miss Bobbie, came to our rescue and took Ava to the big blue rug for singing time. LOVE Miss Bobbie.

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