Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Morning Road Trip

Oh my gosh it's cold outside. Wow.

We decided to go into the City tomorrow since it's supposed to be 40 degrees...woohoo!!! I don't know what the high was today, but wow it was cold. We piled in the car and headed up the Hudson River Valley to Cold Spring....rated one of New Yorks most quaint towns. It's about an hour away, and it's right on the Hudson. Cute, but it was way too cold to really enjoy it. Plus most the antique stores (and train store...Dad's favorite) were closed and didn't open until 11am.

The town was named by George Washington, although he wasn't very creative. The sign said he stopped here while visiting troops in the Revolutionary War, and drank from the spring. And then he named it Cold Spring. I guess if the day he drank from the spring was as cold as it was today, I can't blame him!!!

No pictures of people today. Too cold!!!!

We ate lunch at the Cold Spring Cafe, and I had the most amazing mozerella, spinach and tomato quiche. That alone is worth the trip back.

On the way up, I pulled over when I saw these old trucks on the side of the road buried in snow. I will add these to my collection of old truck photographs. Why can't auto makers make them in this color anymore?? Love them.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Swinging With Papa

Love these swings...

The Colors of Playland

So Wade had to get up super early this morning for work, so I've been awake since 5:30am. Then my brain turned on. My mind has been filled with ideas, inspirations, trips, girls weekends, and lots of other things that make me happy! I gave in, turned on my computer and felt like I did two hours of work in one hour. Why is this computer so addicting????

Anway, we visited Playland yesterday with Papa, and it was the most gorgeous day. Cold, but gorgeous. Blue skies....reminded me of Colorado. Ahhhhh.

I love color. Especially in photographs, and especially vintage/art deco-e (not a word, I know) colors. Check out these amazing colors!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Breakfast at the Upper Crust

Wade had to go to NJ today for work, so we had a rare moment...we could all go out to breakfast together!! Double bonus since Dad is here. We headed to The Upper Crust bagel shop on Purchase Street, and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast of yummy bagels and even yummier cream cheese. The kids found a perfect place to play under the counter and bar stools and enjoyed watching the people walk by.

Then Wade headed to NJ for the day, and we went to the Square House Museum (house built in the early 1700's), and then off to the library for story time.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Papa is Here!

Papa is here! So glad to have Dad visit. The kids love it one reads book with them better than Papa.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Picture Frame Collection

As a photographer and someone who takes a heck of a lot of images, you'd be surprised how few pictures I actually have in my house. Now that we've moved and I have a bit more time on my hands with no clients, I decided to finally start a collection in our upstairs hallway.

Before we moved, and after our house was all packed up, I started finding frames that I loved at flea markets and antique malls. I am so drawn to creamy white frames, and they have to be wood. I love thicker frames that have some sort of interesting detail in them.

I only have four in my collection so far, but I know it will grow. I scoured all my images of the kids and decided on these four. Since old frames are odd sizes, I just cut some scrapbook paper and made my own mattes. I kind of like it! Not to mention cheap.

I didn't pay more than $20 per frame, and most of them didn't have backing, so I cut pieces of a cardboard box, got out my hammer and nails, and added the do-it-yourself wire and screws that you can get at a craft store.

This picture was taken last October at Chuck and Judy's (Wade's aunt and uncle) farm in South Dakota. Ava (and I) fell in love with some of the new barn kittens. Ava loved to help feed them everyday, and we almost brought one home in our suitcase. I really thought about it, but Wade would have killed me. He wasn't able to make that trip and the last thing he would want is for me to bring home an animal just before we moved across the country!!!

This one was taken last June, in Alyeska, Alaska. We went to Alaska for my cousin's wedding, and spent a few days at the ski resort in Alyeska. We rode the gondola to the top and walked around in the snow a bit. I just LOVE this image.

Why do the boys get the big eyes? Well I can't resist Tyson's, and this picture was taken at the Jones Family Farms in Connecticut this last November when we went to cut down our Christmas tree. They had a small barn for kids to play in, and when Tyson started peeking through the window with his big eyes...

This picture is also at Chuck and Judy's farm in South Dakota. The kids were walking hand in hand and surrounded by all the kittens. What better setting could you ask for??? I know someday they won't believe that they actually held hands, so this will be my proof.

So if anyone is garage sale-ing, flea market-ing, antique mall-ing, and you come across some frames you think would fit in my collection...send them my way!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Drum Roll Please

Drum roll please.......

After 28 miles one-way, and round trip $10 in bridge tolls, I made it to "my" JoAnn fabrics!!! Why they don't have one in Westchester County, I don't know. Every fabric store I have found close by is one of those specialty upholstery stores. $30/yard kind of places. I just wanted my $2/yard JoAnn Fabrics!!!

I got some great stuff, and I'll post pictures once the projects are done.

Wade was absolutely amazing to spend his Saturday going with me. He was an absolute awesome husband to run around with the kids and he even took the van to a car wash and it got cleaned inside and out. Ahhhhhhhh. I love clean cars. Life is so much better with a clean car.

Since you have to pay bridge tolls just to get to Long Island, we decided to go adventuring to make our $10 in tolls worth it. We headed to the Southern side of Long Island and drove through Jones Beach State Park. We picnicked in the car, then bundled up and took a walk on the beach (walked in snow and sand). Wade was super excited to see the waves from the Atlantic rolling in.

I have a mild obsession with signs and letters, so I had to snap some pics of some cool signs we found.

We saw a little bit of Fire Island (a summer hot spot), and then drove to the Northern side of Long Island and drove Route 25A back towards the City.

The village of Cold Spring Harbor on 25A is definitely on the list to go back and visit. SOOOO cute!! When the Spring weather hits, I want to go back there and spend a day wandering. Cute shops, (and an antique mall!) restaurants, and it's on the Long Island Sound. The kids were napping, so we couldn't stop.

Mom and Joanne, when you come to visit, we're definitely heading to Cold Springs for a day. You'd love it.