Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year etc...

So Happy New Year everyone!

Is it really 2010? This is the year I will have our third baby and we will celebrate our 10th anniversary. Not to mention a new job for Wade, and a new place to live. Quite the way to begin this decade, don't you think?

So it's been a few days, understandably, since I've even thought of the blog. We have now officially been in Colorado just over a week, and I can't believe all that has happened in these last 7 days.

To begin, we flew back on New Year's Eve, while NYC was getting blanketed by snow. It was gorgeous to see (Wade blames me because I told him I would love to see the City in snow one more time), but it made travelling a little hairy. Ava was sick. Literally. To the point we had to buy her new clothes at LaGuardia. Ya, that kind of sick. And then that kind of sick on the plane.

The plane ride was one of the worst experiences I've had flying. To begin, we didn't have assigned seats. Who knows why. We went to check in the night before and there were no seats available. After our flight was delayed a bit, they finally got us seats...2 in the exit row, and 2 a few rows behind.

"Your children will have to sit by themselves as they are not allowed in the exit row."

Excuse me??

Oh, and by the way, did you not notice I am REALLY pregnant? I don't think pregos are allowed in the exit row either.

So after 5 minutes of some creative seat switching, I was able to sit with the kids and Wade was in the exit row. Only problem is the kids were not allowed to "visit" him in the exit row, and I was not allowed to trade seats with him so we could tag team taking care of the of whom was ill. Like being in a tiny squished seat at 6 months pregnant isn't bad enough! Oh, and I couldn't convince any passengers around me to switch seats with Wade....why wouldn't you trade someone for an exit row??!!! Hello???!!!!!!

But we made it. 4 1/2 hours later, we made it. I could have kissed the ground at DIA.

So this last week, the illness has spread to Tyson, myself, Wade, both my parents, and even Wade's parents. So stay away unless you want us to spread "the love"!!!

We are slowly recovering, settling into my parent's house (God bless 'em), and getting used to the idea that we actually moved back.

Oh, and did I mention we bought a house a couple days ago? What could have been a lllooooonnnngggggg house hunt (mostly because I am fairly particular), we found one we could agree on that only had one negative thing going for it. It's in Highlands Ranch. A place we thought we would never live. It is the ULTIMATE in suburban living, but we're giving it a whirl. Love the house, the layout, the space, and the schools. I honestly would have loved to buy an older home and done some really cool renovations, but at this stage in our life, I just don't think that is best for us.

My new goal in life is to make a 3 year old suburban home look like it has "character". I will be adding crown moulding, some hardwoods (a little bit down the road), and some bead board. I am kind of excited to marry the modern conveniences with my antique/flea market/modern style. Maybe my new blog should be called, "Our Suburban Life". What do you think?

We close at the end of January, which is a big blessing, so we should be in our new digs by the first week of February.

So to wrap up my ramblings, I just went through some pictures from the last couple weeks, and I have a few more posts on this blog before I bid it farewell. I WILL have another blog that will be linked to my photography website, but I do not know what it will be called or exactly when I will start it.

But for now, I wanted to share my favorite photo from Christmas morning. My favorite thing on Christmas morning is to get up before ANYONE and just sit by the tree and soak in the atmosphere. I could just sit and stare at a decorated tree while the rest of the world sleeps....

P.S. My Christmas present from Wade is priceless. He downloaded my entire blog into a .pdf file that we can publish as a book. I looked at it, and just started bawling. Why wouldn't I? This has been one of the most incredible and exciting years in my life. We will wait until my very last post to do final editing and then I will have a memento to last a lifetime. I love it Wade. And I love you.


Marla Taviano said...

Welcome back! Your plane trip sounds nightmarish. We're all getting over the stomach flu too. A-W-F-U-L. Can't wait to see what you do to your house!

melissa said...

lovely Christmas photo. How was your blog put into a .pdf? Do you have a recommendation for somewhere to have it print into a book?

Ryan and Janeen said...

I've been waiting for a blog post from you as an indication you may be settled in and ready for some hang time. Are you all feeling better? Let me know when things settle down enough to get together. Maybe church and brunch next weekend?
Highlands Ranch? There is something to be said about move-in ready and sparkling new! I'm dieing to hear the details!