Sunday, January 10, 2010

Last Days in NYC

We had one full day in NYC before we flew home.

Unfortunately for us, it was bitter cold, so we didn't make it to Central Park, but that meant we got to ride in a lot of taxis...which made my pregnant self and the kids very happy.

We had breakfast at Tick Tock Diner, then wandered to a couple bookstores, but ended up at Strands, one of New York's best independent bookstores that boasts 18 miles of books. My friend Angela introduced it to me when she visited in November, and they have a great kid's section, so we ended up sitting there reading for quite a while. Oh, and bought some books, because they really do have the BEST prices. Curious George books for $2....everywhere else they are $4. Love it!!

After Strands, we headed back to the hotel room, and that's when all the sickness started. So we ordered room service for dinner and watched a movie in bed. Ahhh.....

The kid's favorite thing about our hotel room, other than the fact we let them jump on the beds, was that we had
an amazing view of Times' Square, and there was the perfect kid-sized ledge by the window to give them the best seats in the house. Each morning the first thing they would do is climb up there and watch the sun come up over the tall buildings.

And this was our view on New Year's Eve Day with the City being blanketed in snow. Very peaceful from 38 floors up...

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