Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Goodbye Rye

Movers are gone, cars were loaded on a flatbed truck, the house is empty, and we've said goodbye to Rye and our wonderful friends. The past couple days have been somewhat a blur with our lives being turned completely upside down and nothing being "normal". Please remind me to never move cross country again when I'm 6 months pregnant!

Luckily Wade and I have been able to keep our sense of humor through the whole thing. I love my husband. Not sure if I've ever told you before.

It is bitter cold here in NY, and we boarded the Rye train all bundled up with our two suitcases and our HUGE car seats. We are staying in the city for the next couple nights and will spend tomorrow running around NYC as a family for the last time. We're staying a couple blocks off of Times Square and we're on the 38th floor. We have an amazing view of the square and if we were here 1 more night, we could watch the festivities and the ball drop from our hotel room window!!



cfriedenstein said...

See you tomorow night! Love Lonesome (for grandchildren) Dad

Ryan and Janeen said...

Safe Travels!