Sunday, December 20, 2009

My body thinks I'm in NY

Good morning...

It's a whopping 5am in Denver, and I've been awake for an hour. I'm sitting in the dark in my in-laws basement trying not to type too loudly so I wake up Wade. I've been waking up pretty much at 4am every morning because my body is on NY time, and I cannot turn my brain off when my body wakes up. Are you that way?? Yesterday I woke up crying, and at least I'm not doing that today. I woke up yesterday in a panic thinking that I would have to bring Baby Gus "home" to either my parent's house or a rental house and he/she would have to sleep in a box.

The last two days have been a whirlwind, and we have seen about 30 houses. Did we buy one?? In a

I can't tell you how much I love Colorado, but this transition back home is proving to be harder than I anticipated. I love living here, and I love being near family, and I love the mountains and the fresh air and the outdoor living, but I'm really having a hard time.

House hunting is proving to be a real challenge for us. Ok, me. There are so many neighborhoods and so many schools. Do we buy for the school district? Do we buy because of the house? If we buy for the school district, will I really love the house? My renovation blood is going to kick into high gear, and do I want to do that with 3 little ones and a new baby? And will I over-renovate....again? If we buy for the house, will we like the schools? Is there any room for equity growth? What about Wade's commute? What about being near family? Suburb living, or city living?? Can I really live in the burbs?? I won't be able to walk to my grocery store!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Turn off brain!!!!!!!

These are the thoughts that run through my head at 4am.

One thing we know for sure is that it is a great time to buy a house. Rates are low, and I think we can get a better deal now that we could two years ago. It's just a matter of finding the right combo that fits.

My prayer through this whole thing is that whatever house we buy, I want it to be a blessing to the seller. There are some hurting people out there and if we find the right house and it could be a blessing to some family out there who HAS to sell, well then that's the house I want to buy.

We head back to NY this afternoon, despite the blizzard they are having...I guess we should double check our flights....and the movers come in one week. ONE WEEK. I have one week left in NY. And I have to say goodbye to our life and friends there. And our cute house. And our neighbors. And Ava's preschool.

OK, now the tears are coming. So much for not crying today.


Kendra said...

Just cry! Transition is hard, but you'll be settled and happy again soon enough, so just cry for now! (And you can tell me this when I move back to CO....someday....)

Marla Taviano said...

Awww... praying for you!! Just do your best to hand it over to God. He knows ALL of those answers.

Wendi Garland said...

Hang in there Kristen... man, I really don't know how you're doing all this. Your hormones are going nuts too! Know I'm praying for you. God's in charge!