Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Princesses, Princesses, Princesses

So we're back in New York, and actually had zero flight trouble given all the snow New York got this last weekend. Yeah!

I'm still a bit of an emotional wreck, as I'm trying to keep my head screwed on straight these next days. I'll just blame the pregnancy. Luckily there is no packing or anything to do until after Christmas, and even then, the movers will be packing everything for us on Monday. I just need to get some things washed and organized....oh, and I need to get the washing machine fixed as it decided to blow up the day we flew to Denver.

So today was Ava's last day of preschool and go figure, I was the one crying, not her. I was fine all day (Wade and I were helping parents in her class today) until it was time to say goodbye and she gave her teachers a hug. Oh boy. Do you know how embarrassing it is to cry in front of a room full of 4 year-olds with their parents waiting on the sidelines?? I ran straight for the tissue box. Oh well, let it flow. I have loved Rye and our time here. It's been hard, but I have loved it.

So I found these pictures on my iPhone that I haven't had a chance to post. A couple Friday's ago, I gave Ava an early Christmas present which was a date with me into the City to see a special screening of The Princess and the Frog. We had assigned seats and special passes to go meet ALL, yes ALL, the princesses after the movie. It was pretty cool. I used to think that Ava would be a tomboy and NOT AT ALL into princesses as she used to only play with Thomas trains, but one trip to Disney world changed that!! Thanks Grandpa. :) We love it.

We stood in line to get a picture with each princess except for the newest, Tiana, because the line was just too long and we were getting tired. It was a great night, and I think the movie was really well done, but I have to say that good vs. evil was definitely present in this movie, with good winning (of course)...but the evil was pretty evil, and may not be appropriate for some. I covered Ava's eyes a couple times.

Here's a self-portrait at our Rye train station waiting for our train. It was cold!!

And a quick stop by the Rockefeller tree...and oh my, the wrinkles are getting more noticeable. When did those happen???!!!

The movie theater...

And bring on the Princesses...let's see if you can name them all (even though their names are on the background).

And a quick peek at Princess Tiana.

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