Monday, November 2, 2009

Brooklyn Bridge & DUMBO

After the Brooklyn Flea, we drove to DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) to hop on the Brooklyn Bridge boardwalk. Did you know when it was first built, NY residents were hesitant to go across it for fear of safety, so in 1884, a herd of 21 elephants were taken across to demonstrate its strength?

This was on the Manhattan side looking down towards the South Street Seaport. One of my favorite things about New York City, or any large city for that matter, are all the "hidden" places that you never see from the street. Rooftop decks especially. How fun to have your own quiet oasis in such a loud and busy city!

Then back to DUMBO and an amazing playground right on the East River. It was such a great day, but probably a bit too much walking for my pregnant self. No wonder I spent all of Sunday afternoon with my feet up!

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Kristina said...

Such fun photos, Kristen! I love how you're posting them in storyboard format now. Any tips on the size/format? I always struggle with getting them to fit "right."