Thursday, November 5, 2009

Daylight savings stinks...


Oh wait, that's Tyson's room where Presta (our dog) threw up at 5am this morning after Tyson sneaked into our room. The joys of parenthood.

Daylight savings stinks.

I'm not really quite sure why we have daylight savings. I've heard because of farmers, the atomic clock...who knows. All I know is that it was NOT invented by someone with small children.

Our kids, especially Tyson, have been getting up at 5am everyday. He sneaks into our room, or he thinks he does. So then I'm awake, put him back in bed, he screams, Ava wakes up, Presta wakes up, I have to pee, and then the morning just crumbles from there. And it's only 5am.

This morning was especially bad. So I'm sitting in the dining room at 6:30am writing this while the kids are in Ava's room "reading". They know they have to wait for their moon and flower lights (from IKEA and on timers) to come on before they can go to the playroom or up to our room, but they have not been patient enough this week to wait.

It's not like they are going to bed any earlier. Bed at 8pm, wait for lights to come on in the morning. Last week was fine! But that it gets light at 6am or before....bed at 8pm, up at 5am??? IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!!!!!!

So again, we've been awake since 5am everyday. No wonder I've been going to bed at 8pm every night.

Any one else think Daylight savings stinks????

Lord, give me patience and wisdom!!!


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Hang in there, sis.

One good thing about living in daylight savings here!

Love ya,


Jodi Ulschmid said...

Yes, the time change is horrible. Kaelyn's getting up a good hour and a half earlier. It was definitely made by someone without kids or a man! :)