Sunday, November 1, 2009

Brooklyn Flea Market

We have a list.

OK, I have a list. But I call it ours because that's what married people do, right?

Since we've lived here, the list has grown, but we keep marking things off. Who doesn't like marking things off a list??!!!

So Saturday we marked two things off this list: The Brooklyn Flea, and the Brooklyn Bridge.

What could make me happier than seeing my loves walking hand in hand to a flea market??!!

Like father like son....checking out the bikes!

One reason I love this flea market is all the AMAZING food that is available. We bought an amazing wood fired white pizza for $9. The food vendor brought in a portable wood fire stove and the dough and ingredients were all made fresh on site. Amazing pizza.

And these were my finds for the day! Vintage tupperware snack tubs? Yes please. Three white frames for my collection for $15? Score! And an adorable jar...

Brooklyn Bridge to come...


Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Me? I want that white iron bed behind Wade in that picture...

erin said...

Brooklyn Flea Market will be on Martha's show tomorrow! The preview even showed her trying the wood fired pizza and saying how delish it is!
Check it!