Friday, October 2, 2009

The Wenzel Workshop

My mind is still swimming from last weekend's Amy Wenzel Workshop in Michigan. I still haven't unpacked! It was quite a non-stop weekend, and I don't know when or if I will actually absorb all the information that's in my little notebook. I got to meet gal pal Melissa there again, and I know she went home as excited and overloaded with information as I did!

It's taken me all week to get through the images from the weekend, mostly because......well, I don't really know. Life I guess.

On Saturday afternoon, Amy had a photo session all set up for us with a group of her kid clients and we split into groups and jockey'd for position to get some shots. Could these kids be more gorgeous??!!

And here is fabulous Amy getting us all started. She was quite the gracious and fabulous hostess.

WARNING WARNING WARNING: Lots of pictures to follow! I need to practice the blog collage thingy we learned at the workshop. Maybe next week.

Thank you Amy for a fabulous weekend!


Marla Taviano said...

Fun, fun!!

Amanda Key said...

Love the pics.

KH said...

Very fun--you're awesome! I wish I could just go to a Kristen Haufschild workshop! And yes, her kids are gorgeous and very good sports!

Jim Hatcher said...

Cool pics, Kristen. My favorite is the one of the blonde-haired girl in the bottom-left corner of the shot. Neat use of space.

Sheri Mazariegos Photography said...

so fun to see everyone's different perspective! these images are fresh and fun and just wonderful!!