Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shells and Enamelware

I love shells. I always have, and I guess I could thank my mother for that. For as long as I can remember, my Mom always brought home a handful of shells whenever we went to a beach.

I have since continued that tradition, and Ava has inherited it from me! Good thing our kids inherit the good things from us too.

So my fabulous neighbor Dana, and her husband, got back from a long weekend away at St. ..... I can't remember! One of those St. Islands in the Caribbean. She brought be back the greatest present...a glass jar with some shells.

They are now on my dining room table on one of my latest enamelware finds. A gorgeous tray that I found for $10 at an antique store in Cold Springs (on the Hudson).

The glass jars and other white dishes are from various other flea markets, and the white "dented" cup with the coral in it was made by my Uncle Mal.

Another love of mine: white dishes. Can't have enough!! White NEVER goes out of style.

After our trip to Cape Cod in May (you can read about that by clicking on Cape Cod from the subject selection on the left), I, of course, brought back a "small" collection of Cape Cod shells. Aren't they beautiful? I keep them on the back stoop in another of my favorite enamelware pots, so everytime I walk past them, I think of our wonderful Cape Cod vacation.

P.S. I brought back a lot of great flea market finds from our trip to Colorado, and I'll post some more finds soon.

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