Monday, August 17, 2009

It Ain't No Speedo....

It ain't no Speedo...but I love my off-brands anyway. The swimming cap was about $2, and the goggles are Wades.

I started swimming today. 6am. Wow.

Why swimming? I quit Curves and we joined the YMCA. And swimming? It's some of the best exercise you can do while pregnant, right?

Did I just say pregnant?

May as well let the whole world know now. I'm about 7 weeks pregnant and couldn't feel worse. Either I blocked out the sickness from the last two pregnancies, or this baby is seriously taking me for a ride. I have napped pretty much every day for the last 10 days, and am feeling just icky.

Today I spent about 1/2 hour on the bathroom floor, and another hour propped up in front of the air conditioner with my eyes closed. Luckily the kids were happy to play trains and watch some PBS while I was "in my own world". Oh my. Where's my mommy??!!!!!! We're never to old to want them, are we?

So we found out the big news shortly after getting back to NY from from our CO visit. We are thrilled, but let's just say this baby was a bit of a surprise. I'm due in early April, just a few days after Tyson's 3rd birthday.

OK, I'm feeling a bit green right now, so I'm off to bed. Settle down baby Gus!!! (nicknamed by my oldest niece)


Marla Taviano said...

Congratulations!! How exciting!!

Puva said...


Wendi Garland said...

Yahoo!!!! The first trimester is tough, especially in the summer heat! So excited for you Haufschilds... God is so good in his wonderful "surprises!"

Jodi Ulschmid said...

Congrats you guys!!! Good thing I check your blog every once in awhile! Very exciting!

Michelle said...

Congratulations! What an exciting surprise! I've lived 18 months of my life green as a gremlin, so I really feel for you. I hope you feel better soon! : )