Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ripe for the pickin'!

Wow, the blueberries were ripe for picking today! We were supposed to go earlier this week, but the rains have returned to New York, except for this morning.

The kids and I headed back to Jones Family Farm in Connecticut, the same place where we cut down our Christmas tree that I blogged about here.

We missed the strawberries in June, so I couldn't miss the blueberries! I think we'll hit corn and pumpkins this fall, and then our Christmas tree again in November. LOVE this place.

This was a pretty typical site today. Ava being very particular about picking only the best blueberries, and Tyson's little fingers in the basket eating them!

He even tried hiding from me in the next row so I wouldn't see him sneaking them from the bush straight to his mouth. Little sneak!

So 8lbs of blueberries later, we rode the berry ferry back to the top of the hill and checked out. $2.69/lb...can't beat it!

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wendy bristol photography said...

lovely and yummy at the same time...