Saturday, July 25, 2009

Preview: Tatum & Harrison

Tatum and Harrison look just as cute as ever, and it was great to see them (and their parents) again while in Denver. One of the things I love about my job is witnessing kids grow up over the years. Kandis and I were pregnant at the same time, me with Ava and she with Tatum and Harrison, but I'm embarassed to say that I gained more weight than she did, and she had two!!!

Kandis usually ops for studio photos, but I don't have my studio equipment anymore, so we had our session in their backyard and I brought some shower curtains and clipped them to the fence to serve as my backdrop. Natural light and studio-like backdrops?? Yes please. Then in Photoshop, I added some texture to the background for fun.

What I love about Harrison is that he is not afraid to look straight at me. I always get great shots of him staring me down. I love it! Bring it on.

I love this next series. I actually could have added about five more to it because I got some really funny expressions, but we ended up with some good ones I think.

Harrison: Tatum, what in the world is Kristen doing trying to make us smile. She's crazy.

Tatum: I don't know Harrison, but I'm over it.

Harrison: Tatum, I'm kinda hungry, are you? I wonder when Mom's going to give us our Tootsie Roll treats.

Tatum: I don't know Harrison, but I think the sooner we smile, the sooner we'll get our Tootsie Rolls.

Harrison: Ok sis. LET'S DO THIS THANG!

We headed inside for a quick outfit change and a few shots in their rooms. I love the mural on Tatum's wall of the classic Citroen 2CV. My family actually had one of these when we lived in England, and someday I would love to own one. Ours was convertible, pale yellow, and Mom just had to have one because "it was so ugly that it was cute." I have great memories of riding around in it with the top down, and I'm pretty sure we have a picture of Joanne and I standing up in the back seat while we were stuck in a traffic jam of sheep.

Can you say 4 going on 14? Don't worry Kandis, Ava is doing the exact same thing. They are growing up too fast!

And finally, back outside for a last round of shots including a round of rocket balloons. Thanks guys, for a great session!

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