Monday, July 27, 2009

Preview: Sydney & Zoe

I love that my business is word of mouth. I honestly think I get the best clients that way, and so my photography world feels like one big family, because we are all connected in someway through someone. I'm sure my business grew slower because of it, but that's how I like it.

Sydney & Zoe's family are a product of word of mouth, and I love it. I think this is the third time I've seen them, and the girls have grown so much since last year. Zoe is walking and has hair!!! Again, other people's kids seem to grow so much faster than my own.

So Sydney is a great big sister and was so much fun to hang out with. We had some great conversations and I love her because she is such an adventurous spirit. She loves to climb. I can relate because I loved climbing as a kid. Walls, rocks, trees etc. I loved being outside and scrambling over as much as I could.

But Sydney has something I always wished I had. Gorgeous dark brown hair and blue eyes. I mean, can you get a better combo??? It took me a while to appreciate my red hair, and I do love my blue eyes, but for so long I wanted the killer combo she has. Check her out...

And Sydney, I came home to NY and saw these shoes in the shop window that I was telling you about. They always make me think of you!

And here is Zoe...I'm excited to see if she follows in her sister's adventurous footsteps.

See, I told you she was adventurous. Sparkly shoes and a dress can't stop her! And she is such a Daddy's girl...

And what is a hot summer day without bubbles. I got so tired of blowing bubbles with my own kids and practically passing out that I bought one of those bubble machines that DJ's use. You just plug it in, and you get something like 1000 bubbles a minute...and no batteries!! But Sydney seemed to be doing just fine on her own...

OK, now this last picture just has to be my favorite. Can someone please take a picture of me and my kids like this? Next time I'm in Denver, I'm definitely going to hit up Wendy or Melissa for a photo session swap. I just love this image, and Kelly, I hope you like it too!

Thanks guys for a fun morning at your house. Love to you all!

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wendy bristol photography said...

I am in on the photo swap....and I have the perfect location in mind!