Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Cape Cod??? Shocker.

OK, are you Cape Cod'd out? I'm sorry if you may be thinking....enough Cape Cod already!!! If so, check back next week, because the kids and I are going to DC (Washington DC, that is) to join Wade for a few days while he's there on business. But for now, I have a couple (OK, a few) more posts of Cape pics. I can't help myself...the place is gorgeous!!!!

So this could be my all-time favorite picture from the week. Ava, my little treasure/seashell hunter. Can you believe that sky??!!!

And this one. A RARE family picture. Thank you to the stranger on the beach who also had a nice camera!


Janna Widdifield said...

You so need to do a summer banner for the blog with that photo of Ava. And that second photo...can you say Christmas card?

erin said...

LOVE this picture! And, all the Cape posts! And, can I say, I think Wade is getting more handsome with age! Go K! ;-)