Friday, May 29, 2009

Coast Guard Beach

This day on the Cape was by far my favorite. You know when everything just comes together perfectly? Weather, snacks/food (espcially when you have little kids), everyone enjoying the activities? Well that was this day.

We started at a Visitor Center (no idea what it's called) and biked a few miles on amazing paved bike trails to Coast Guard Beach. This is a beach that I consider a true Cape Cod beach. Why, you ask? Gorgeous sand dunes, white sand, a lighthouse, grass growing on the beach, and the old crooked wooden picket fence. LOVED it. Plus we had the entire beach to ourselves!

The weather was perfect...too cold to go in the water...but that's how I like it.

You can see from the pictures why this was the perfect day. The kids were having a blast, the skies were Colorado blue, and we got to break out the bikes. Awesome.

Can I go back please?

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Marla Taviano said...

Love it. Idyllic. Perfect. Sigh.