Saturday, May 30, 2009


Do you have a phobia? For those of you who know me well, you know mine is water. Especially water that is not clear. If I'm in the water and I can't see what is below my feet, I FREAK out. I've gotten better over the years, but I am still prone to panic attacks.

As we speak, my parents and sister et al are headed to Lake of the Ozarks for a week of fun at Mom and Dad's condo. We usually water ski every year, and I enjoy it, but everytime I let go of that rope and start sinking into that lovely green lake water, I have to fight a panic attack. I've seen the size of the catfish that Wade has caught in that Lake, and honestly, I'd prefer not to see them face to face....or face to toes.

Another example? On our honeymoon, we are checking into the hotel in Monterey, CA, and the hotel attendant looks at Wade and says, "I see you booked the sea kayaking package." I look at Wade..."say what?" My other fear is kayaking, rolling over, and not being to do a wet exit since I'm strapped into the thing with one of those rubber skirts. Again, had to fight the panic attack as we were actually kayaking, not to mention I couldn't see what was underneath us.

So before we moved to New York, Wade bought an inflatable canoe that was on clearance. Great price, and great idea, but I would still have to talk myself down to get in it. Wade fortunately doesn't have that fear and I'm proud to say our kids haven't inherited my odd phobia. Since the rental house was right on the water, we brought the boat and Wade took the kids out for a little joy ride one at a time.

Why no pictures of me paddling around? I let my phobia get the better of me.

Plus it started to rain....lucky me. :)

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erin said...

It still amazes me that we have this in common. I am so proud that you even water ski at Lake of O's! Someday, God will heal us completely. :)