Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wildlife Preserve

Today was one of those days that I wish I could erase from the record. It ended OK, but the beginning was something I want to forget. Too much yelling, crying, and all 'round insanity.

So by 9:30am I threw my hands in the air and we got away. It was raining outside, but I didn't care. Rain coats, boots, and umbrella. We went for a "hike" at the Rye Nature Preserve (different from the Rye Nature Center). The land is beautiful and the trails take you through woods, fields of grass, wetlands, and finally to the beach. At one point I was expecting Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett to cross our path. It was a big foggy, overcast skies and off and on rain.

We spotted a lot of wildlife, including a wild turkey and some deer.

Hopefully tomorrow will start better. Actually, ANYTHING would be better than today's start.



Sue Freeman said...

Hi Kristen,
Beautiful photos.
Where is Rye Nature Preserve?

Kristen said...

Hi Sue!

The Rye Nature Preserve is on the Boston Post Road as you go towards Mamaroneck. If you go through downtown Rye, past the library, past Rye Nature Center, past Osborn School and head towards Mamaroneck, the Nature Preserve is on the left in between a couple of those large mansions. It's kind of hidden, but you'll see the County/City park sign by the drive. Enjoy!