Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine Cards

Since we've moved, Ava has certainly missed her friends in Denver. She has four friends that she has always, and continues to talk about. Anne, Charley (a girl), Bobby and Cole. So we decided to make some Valentine's for them, and we SCORED at the $1 spot at Target. So for $2, we got our Valentine crafts! Cards, stickers, and sparkles. Excellent!

Ava and I made chocolate milk while making the cards and she dictated a message to each friend. Halfway through, she looked at me with an exhausted look and said, "Mom, I think I need a drink!" And she chugged the rest of her chocolate milk.

Her messages are just hilarious and so sweet, with most of them ending in "the end" (Reminds me...Tyson always ends his books with "Amen").

P.S. Tyson is in bed with a 101.4 fever. Where did this come from??! We were getting ready to go to Costco and he felt a little warm, so we sat in the bathroom and I took his temp. Shocker!! We snuggled, and he started singing "Rock A Bye Baby", then "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", and then his "ABC's". His eyes were closed by the beginning of Twinkle Twinkle, then he was asleep in my arms before he reached the end of the alphabet.


Janna Widdifield said...

Anne will be so excited to get her Valentine. We may be sending "premade" valentines this year since we've been busy with some other V-day activities.

Sorry about Ty. Hope he is feeling better.

Melissa said...

How sweet is she. Love the cards and seeing those cute, scrawly letters that spell her name. Andy is writing his name too and it's making me crazy. Where does the time go?

As for missing people.....I miss you! I really wish you were closer so we could talk shop more. I'm a dummy when it comes to photoshop and I have so many questions. I need a pro like you to hold my hand and walk me through it. :)

Haven't heard anything yet about our trip to NY. Still hoping it all works out. I'll let you know when I hear something. The conference would be March 10th- 13th. Cross your fingers....I so want to come. Love you!

Ryan and Janeen said...

The Valentine's are so sweet.

I hope Ty is feeling better!

Puva said...

Awww...Ava is so adorable. Those cards are simply beautiful in that, well, they're so sincere (:

Hope Tyson is feeling better.