Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Last Day with Dad

So yesterday was our last day with Dad. It was a big one!! A little too big for Wade and I towards the end of the day.....

We all piled in the car and drove to Manhattan to go to Redeemer Presbyterian for church. ( They have services all over Manhattan, so we went to the one in the Upper West side because we were going to the Natural History Museum after church.

The service was amazing. Tim Keller spoke on a passage in Genesis, and I took a lot away from it. I know you can listen to sermons on their website if you're interested. His message was titled "A Tale of Two Cities". Check it out!

After church, we walked up to the Museum and saw a bunch of dinosaurs. We decided that membership has its benefits, so we joined. We got free passes to see the live Butterfly exhibit, so we'll be going back soon.

Check out these blue skies we enjoyed on our way up Central Park Ave. I'm really surprised I didn't walk into a telephone pole while walking because I was constantly looking up. The architecture is amazing, and I am always so curious about what's behind, or who is behind those windows. Of course I kept my eyes peeled for anyone famous, but no luck today.

This was Papa prooving to Ava that there are no crocodiles in NY. She's convinced there are alligators and crocodiles in the Long Island Sound. I wish I knew where she got that from!!!

So after paying $40 for parking (we thought we could find street parking, but no luck), Dad was the brave soul to drive back to Rye with our kids in tow. With GPS, you can find your way home wherever you are...even New York City.

So Wade and I had the rest of the day to kill all by ourselves. I think we walked about 10 miles, and by the end of the day, my back was feeling it. I've realized that my camera and two lenses I took progressively get heavier as the day goes on.

We stayed on the Upper West for a while and went to the Kangol store to buy Wade a new hat. The stores in NYC fascinate me. Stores are so specialized.....hats, beads, fabric trim, records etc. And most of them are only about 10 feet wide. Because of the number of people, it makes sense to specialize in what you are best at, and let others do the same.

One thing that NYC is not lacking in is Starbucks. So we stopped for our usual mocha and hazelnut latte and walked through the Green Flea Market (Columbus Ave between 76th & 77th). Mom and I actually found this market when we came to NYC in September 2002, and I found the exact costume ring I bought 6 years ago....although now they want $18, and I paid $6 back then.

I did find a super cool vendor who takes real maps and decoupages them onto tiles that you can use for trivets or coasters. I LOVE maps, especially vintage ones. so I found a great one for me that was of lower Manhattan. I bought Dad a coaster with a map of Queens from the 1964/5 World's Fair, which he came to in high school with his buddy George in his 1950's VW bug.

We spent another hour or so wandering Central Park. It was amazing. No stroller to push, just Wade's hand to hold. Ahhhhhh. That sounded cheesy, I know. I'm sorry. But it's nice to hold a hand instead of a stroller handle for once.

We headed to Greenwich Village and wandered the brownstone lined streets and shops (and saw a super cool VW bus....maybe we'll paint ours in 20 years). It's amazing to me how quiet the City actaully is once you get off the busy streets and into the neighborhoods.

All in all, it was a great day, but my feet are still sore and I can feel my butt muscles (which I guess isn't such a bad thing).

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