Thursday, December 4, 2008

Little People

I love collections. Collections of anything! I get mildly obsessed about completing my collections (see Jasmine post a few days ago). I don't know why, and I'm not sure if I inherited this from my Mom or my Dad! Maybe Dad...he collects Lionel trains.

Anyway, our Little People collection grew considerably before we left Colorado because I bought all my sister's Little People from her. Our collection now includes the farm, the train, Noah's Ark, and a bunch of miscellaneous people. I love them!

The kids and I got out ALL the Little People and set them up on the playroom floor. I LOVE making the little town and playing pretend. I think Ava has inherited the same thing from me. Tyson will just play with anything that makes sound. So we had a great time playing until Tyson got upset because Ava wouldn't share Noah's Ark. Can you blame her? She had everything set up so nicely with all the animals matched up two-by-two. He just wanted to come in and throw them across the room!

I'll have to share more of my collections in other posts. I have some good ones!

PS. This is the homemade birthday card we came to after my night on the town celebrating my birthday!

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nikkiblanco said...

i'm the lone follower :), but i love looking at blogs with little families, with mom's that are cool and artsy, lol, i feel like i'm watching reality tv!!! anywho--yes--i'm all about collections--started with piggy banks, then grew to pigs in general (stuffed sorts, socks, pencils--all with pigs... i was nuts) so... now i'm on books... i collect books and arrange them on my bookshelf and don't let anyone touch it without a watchful eye (no kids yet to destroy my project) ... kudos