Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Morning In Rye

I love weekends. I love them because we take it easy on Saturday morning, and I know I have an extra hand to help with the kids. We got up this morning and I made chocolate chip pancakes. Wow, they were good.

Since Presta needs more exercise, we decided to go the Rye Park (behind the Rye beach), and since I had the extra set of hands, I brought my camera along. What a beautiful morning. Freezing cold, but beautiful. I love where we live.

The kids were super happy to be outside, and I think this is the first time Tyson has actually left his mittens on. I think he's starting to understand the concept of East Coast cold, and knows his fingers will be warmer if he leaves them on!

One of the things I love about the East Coast is all the rocks everywhere. Most rocks in parks in Denver have been "brought in", along with all the trees. It's a built in jungle gym, and I love it.

Most of the leaves are off the trees, but you can still find piles of them around. Can't leave the park without a romp in the leaves. Nothing but smiles....

PS. The Grandma's are flying in tomorrow!!!


Sirk said...

I'm waiting for the blog about Yodiggity getting whooped in the skins game early this afternoon.

Please include pictures of the tears...

nikkiblanco said...

the kids are soooo freakin adorable!!! love the smiles!