Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sick of being sick

Well Wade is sick in bed today with 102 fever. It has been one thing after the other these last two weeks. And not all bad things either, but just one thing after the other!

Baby Gus ultrasound scare: BAD THING TURNED GOOD
Hosted a fabulous baby shower: GOOD THING
Ava got sick: BAD THING
Tyson got sick: BAD THING
Thanksgiving with fabulous neighbors: GOOD THING
Mom and Emma visit: GOOD THING
Kids still kind of sick: BAD THING
Fun in NYC with Mom and Emma: GOOD THING
Mom and Emma fly home: BAD THING
Brad and Kendall fly in: GOOD THING
I get sick: BAD THING
Kids still coughing and snotty: BAD THING
Wade sick: BAD THING

We are sick of being sick!

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