Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bon voyage Brad & Kendall!

Brad & Kendall leave today. Sniff sniff. They have been troopers here while Wade and I have both been sick, we're distracted with moving, and our kids are acting out because they need our attention!

You guys are saints and we love you. Lucky for us they've both been here before and they have friends in the City. It's raining hard today which kind of matches my mood since I'm sad to see them go, but I'm glad that we'll get to see them more often once we move. That will make up for our lack of quality time during their visit.

We got one date night with them on Tuesday, and ate a great restaurant in the East Village, The Smith.

If you have an iPhone, go get the Shake It Photo app. It takes your picture like a Polaroid and then you shake it to get it to develop. So fun! And it gives it a bit of a vintage vibe.

So Brad and Kendall, thanks for coming to visit us and we'll see you in a few weeks in Denver. WE LOVE YOU!!!!

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