Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Outhouse Orchard

Last Friday I just needed to get out at do "something Fall". A couple friends had mentioned Outhouse Orchards for a fun place to take kids and pick apples, so I loaded everyone up with a picnic lunch and off we went. It was only about 30 minutes upstate, and it was well worth it.

By the way, why would you name your Orchard "outhouse"?

We ate (or I should say I did because I had to finish Ava and Tyson's) homemade donuts that they make right in front of you, we picked little and big pumpkins from their pumpkin patch, we saw the farm animals, we went on a hayride, and we picked a whole bushel of apples straight from the tree for $20!

Who wouldn't want to do that every fall??!!!

Happy Fall everyone. I hope you can get out and enjoy the harvest.

P.S. We're off on vacation tomorrow to Vermont for a week. I CANNOT wait to see the fall colors. I'm hoping to have internet access while there, and if I do, come back here and check out Vermont's foliage!!!! If not, I'll see you next week.

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Julie said...

Love to feel a part of your life through your pictures. You are so gifted my friend. Love the one of Ava with the apple...amazing. Can't wait for the Vermont pics. Love you, Jules