Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm a winner!

To say that I'm addicted to eBay might be a bit of a stretch, but I guess you could say my "enjoyment" of eBay of late could be considered a habit. I love getting that e-mail "YOU WON"!! And who doesn't like the hunt, the chase, the bidding, the victory?

I'll have to share some other of my recent eBay purchases, but for now, I'll share two.

Today was definitely an eBay day. Let me share...

I used to stare blanky at eBay uncertain of what to search for. I always read in magazines about cool things that people have found for their homes on eBay and I'm like, "how in the world did you think to search for that?" All I can say is practice makes perfect because you can buy ANYTHING on eBay.

I've been keeping my eye out for lockers just because I love them and they are so functional. I have a set I bought at the Paris Street Market in Denver a few years ago, and I use them in our little mud room for the kids to put their backpacks, shoes and other stuff.

So I was looking the other day, and I found some small cubby lockers (each locker is 12'x12') for an amazing price. And they were in NY! The state of NY sells excess "stuff" and I got these lockers for only $55. I have seen these at flea markets for well over $200. So Presta and I took a little road trip to the state offices in Albany and picked up my new treasure. They fit perfectly in the van, and after a little cleaning and a fresh coat of spray paint, they will make a great dresser for one of the kids.

After picking up the lockers, I came home to a package from another eBay purchase. I got a huge lot of vintage milk caps...110 to be exact. Aren't they cool? You can make them into fridge magnets, or display them in a cool container. The kids love flipping through stuff like this.

Happy bidding!

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