Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Boy at the Beach

We biked over to Rye Beach lastnight since I feel like summer is coming to an end and we've only been to our beach once. Wade is in Chicago this week, so I decided we should go during what I like to call the "critical mass" part of the day. The hours between 4pm and 7pm. I'm sure you Moms out there know exactly what I'm referring to. It is those magic hours between naps, dinner and bedtime where your child's alter-self seems to make an appearance.

Tyson was more excited than I've ever seen him and he wouldn't stop running! From the water to the towels, from the water to the sand toys, from the water to....you get the idea!

We had a great time, and got home just in time for a quick bath and a dinner of scrabled eggs and waffles. Yummy.

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lisa said...

Your NY life looks so beautiful, Kristin! Your kids look like so much fun, too. We should catch up at some point not in a blog comment box.

Missing you, your wisdom, and your fiery aesthetic prowess,