Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Preview: The Rest of the Morgan Family

Here is the rest of the Morgan family. Little Lexi had her own session that I previewed a few posts ago....

How do you take a family photograph that includes 4 children under the age of 4, and get all 4 children to look at you??? I'm pretty sure the answer is that it's impossible! But that is life with 4 kids, and it's all good. Let's capture real life! That's what I love, and that's why I love photographing families in their homes, because that IS real life.

Here are a couple of the whole family that I love.

Here is Andrew and Zach, who I've been photographing since they were about 6 months old (I think). It's been a long time, and honestly, they look the same now as they did when I first photographed them. The eyes just never change, you know? They just have more hair!

Lucky for me, Brian is a photographer as well, so the past couple sesions we've had, he has his studio all set up in the basement ready to go for us. Lucky me!

I just love these next images. Here are the boys hanging out in Mom and Dad's bed being told to sit and/or lay still...

...and here they are after we told them they could jump like crazy!

Brian and Lindsay, congratulations again on baby Lexi's arrival. You do have a beautiful family, and thanks for inviting me back into your home!

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Sarah Shalley said...

Love the editing style on these... my favorite photo is the one of the little girl looking out the window. PRECIOUS!