Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Milk Twalk

...makes me happy.

Tonight the kids and I went to Janna's house for many reasons, but the most important reason for Ava was to see Anne. Anne is Janna's daughter who is the same age as Ava, and they are such buds.

Ava and Anne have talked via Skype since we've been in New York, and they send each other pictures and Valentine cards etc. Anyway, Anne is one of Ava's favorite friends.

While eating dinner, I couldn't help but crack up at the girls having "Milk Twalk" (just say with a heavy New York accent). I imagine it went something like this...

Anne on the left, Ava on the right.

Anne: Hey Ava, this is pretty good milk, don't you think?? It would be better if it was chocolate. Do you know why the blond bought a brown cow?? To get chocolate milk!!!

Ava: Anne, you are crackin me up!!

Ava: Hey Anne, what cities do cows love most?? MOO York!!

Anne: Moo York!! I get it!!

Anne & Ava: We are just too funny together.

Ava: Hey Anne. Our parents aren't laughing at our jokes. I don't think they are smart enough to get them.

And that my friends, is three year-old milk twalk.


wendy bristol photography said...

loved this post...the commentary and the photography :O)

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