Thursday, June 4, 2009

The D.C. Sites

Tuesday was our big sightseeing day. I just wanted to show the kids the "big" sites, but honestly, you could spend 10 days or more in D.C. and never run out of things to do and see. Plus (unlike NY), the museums are free!!! Amazing.

We started out at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and Ava now knows where the President lives. I think we may have even "seen" him as the Presidential helicopter flew over later in the day. The kids asked all sorts of questions:

Why is there a big fence?
Why can't we go in?
Why does that policeman have lots of guns?
Is that Obama's car? (referring to a minivan inside the gate)
He has pretty fountains Mom.

Next stop was the World War II memorial. The kids wanted to get closer because of the fountains, of course, but as soon as we walked in, I started crying, and I was glad to have my huge sunglasses on because I'm sure my mascara was running down my cheeks.

There were 3 older gentlemen in wheelchairs and their families having their picture taken together in front of the memorial. They were obviously veterans and were having a reunion. Maybe it's because Wade and I are watching the HBO series "Band of Brothers", but my emotions just took over and I was overwhelmed with gratitude for these men.

Then on to Lincoln. I love Abe Lincoln. I always have. I remember learning about our Presidents in 3rd grade, and for some reason, Honest Abe always stuck out to me. Plus my Dad kind of looks like him, minus the hat and facial hair.

I tried to explain why he was such a great President to the kids, but I don't think they really got it. They were more fascinated with how big his feet were.

Tyson is really thrilled to sing his ABC's, so he stood at the bottom of the Gettysburg Address shouting out his ABC's. It was super cute.

We walked to the back of the Memorial and watched airplanes for a long time. They fly toward the Lincoln Memorial and then turn sharply to land at National Airport. Tyson was thrilled to see airplanes so close up!!!

And then, the Washington Monument.

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