Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Belleview Park

Who doesn't love good, cheap entertainment for kids??!! I do! I do!!

Joanne and Toben were at their house packing up the trailer for tomorrow's big move to Phoenix and Mom was going to the salon to get a haircut, so I piled the kids and cousins in the van and headed to Belleview Park (near Belleview and Sante Fe, next to Pirate's Cove water park for those of you in Denver).

Honestly, we CANNOT get enough cousin love before they leave tomorrow. Some might think I'm crazy for taking four kids by myself, but honestly, if we ever had four kids, I would wait a couple more years and then have two more close together. Audrey is 10, Emma is 8, my Ava is 3 and my Tyson is 2. PERFECT ages.

I told the kids it was going to be a surprise where we were going, and I think they were happy with the outcome. I said, "Wear flip flops and bring your bathing suit!!" And off we went...

There are many reasons why I love Belleview Park, and we were able to experience most of them. First, the Lyons Club runs a pretty sweet train ride through the park, and it's only $1 per person. Better value than McDonald's $1 menu if you ask me, and you won't walk away with a stomach ache.

Second reason? The stream (or river if you're particularly small) that runs through the park. Grab your suit, some shovels, and start making sand castles, mini lakes and mud walls.

Third reason? The petting zoo. And it's only $1. Can I get a hallelujah?? Maybe it's because I'm coming from New York, and I now expect to pay an arm and a leg to do any activity with my children, but I cannot get enough of this $1 stuff!

The petting zoo is basically a big corral where the animals wander freely and you can wander with them. Pigs, turkeys, goats, baby cows, mini ponies and chickens. Although I would recommend staying away from the pigs puddle pool. He apparently like to poop in it.

And last reason?? Across the street is a fountain park where you can run around and get sprayed by fountains when you least expect it. The anticipation is just too much...

Have a fabulous day all you blog readers, and go out and get wet!!

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wendy bristol photography said...

oh man, I didn't know there were fountains across the street.....