Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Ava!!!

I know every mom says this, but I can't believe she's 4. OK, I said it.

So this morning started out with a "bang"...literally. We spent the night at Wade's parent's house and after she went to sleep, we filled her room with at least 50 balloons. Let's just say we all wanted to pass out after blowing up that many. There were a few "bangs" in the middle of the night, but only a couple casualties. Ava was so surprised when she woke up this morning!!! It was awesome. The kids had a blast playing in them.

We started the morning off with a birthday breakfast and yes, the breakfast included cake. Ava's amazing Aunt Amy baked the most amazing castle princess cake and carted it 4 hours from Grand Junction to Denver. Have you ever watched those cake shows on Bravo?? They should hire Amy because it was transported without any oopsies.

Now what more could a 4 year old want other than My Little Ponies, Pet Shops, and a $10 note from wonderful Aunt Judy??? Not much!! Well unless you include the "big barbie" from Uncle Kris which hasn't left her sight all day...

Wade and I promised her a date with just us, so we played putt putt. Ava was soooooo close to making a hole in one that she gave Wade the biggest high five. Honestly I was pretty impressed with her game. I guess she gets her putt putt skills from me because I pretty much rock.

Happy birthday my sweet girl.


erin said...

Awwwwww. SOOOO sweet. Just precious!
I can't believe it has been 4 years either (just for the record).

brian b. said...

Happy Birthday Ava!

You look really Happy, and to be 4 again!
Such a precious & tender age!