Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Hunting of the Eggs

So after three aiport runs to two different airports lastnight, Wade finally arrived from his business trip to North Carolina, and Fred & Amy finally arrived from Denver...after being on their flight for 10 hours straight. Ugh. Wade's flight was diverted to Philadelphia, and he ended up taking Amtrak home. Fred & Amy's flight was diverted to Harrisburg, PA after circling LaGuardia for an hour, and then finally landed in NY about 4 hours late.

I mean, I know LaGuardia has a horrible reputation, but c'mon!! I guess there was a LITTLE fog and rain...better to play it safe.

Everyone rested well lastnight and this morning we met some friends for the big Easter Egg Hunt at the Rye Rec Center. The kids were so excited and each gathered PLENTY of chocolate eggs! Ava got 97 (47 pink ones which she was specifically looking for) and Tyson got 37 (color didn't matter).