Friday, April 3, 2009


There's no pick-me-up like fresh flowers. The kids and I did a HUGE Costco run, and even though I didn't want to add yet ANOTHER $10 item to the cart, I treated myself to a huge bouquet of fresh flowers.

I usually gravitate towards flowers in the daisy-ish family since they last twice as long as any other flower, and the daisy bouquets are huge and can be separated into lots of vases in the house. I had some tulips leftover (my all time favorite flower), so I mixed 'em up!

Flowers make me so happy, how about you?

P.S. Do you like my rabbit pitcher? It's a bit creepy when I use it as it's intended purpose....a pitcher. Why? Because the rabbit is basically throwing up into your glass. Oh well. I love it anyway.

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