Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bye Bye Binky

Call us crazy, but with both kids, we've upgraded them to a big-kid bed and taken away the binky at the same time. May as well double up and get 'er done!

So with Tyson's bed upgrade, the binky had to go. Tuesday is trash day, so we waited on the front porch for the trash truck, and ran outside in our jammies and Tyson handed our wonderful trash man all his binkies and said, "I'm a big boy now...here are my binkies. Thank you!" Cutest thing ever!

Waiting for the trash truck to come...

Our beautiful yellow trash trucks.

Are my binkies really driving away Mommy?

I don't want my binkies to go away Mom!! At least big sister Ava can relate as she recalls throwing her binkies away when she was two.

OK Mom, what's really going on here??

I just need to cry it out for just a minute Mom.

Tyson, I know how you feel. Let me give you some big sister love. It's gonna be OK.

P.S. We actually took them away last Saturday when we put together his new bed, so he's been sleeping "binky-less" for the last few days...today was just the official farewell. He is doing great and it has been a really smooth transition. Yeah!


Ryan and Janeen said...

Way to go Tyson! Saying good-bye has never been my favorite either.

SweetP91 said...

You are so brave! I am so glad it is going well. I put it off as long as I can justify it. We still need to make that transition for night times with H and she is 3. Oh well...like the other 2, she won't go to Kindergarten with a pacifier.