Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You've Got Mail

If anyone reading this knows Janna, you know what a big fan she is of the movie You've Got Mail. I think (no, I know) she has the whole thing memorized!

So one of our days in the City was partially dedicated to You've Got Mail and going to some of the sights that are in the movie. We started with breakfast at Cafe Lalo, which is where Meg Ryan's character was "stood up" by Tom Hank's character when she was supposed to meet him in person for the first time. She sat there with a red rose and a copy of Pride and Prejudice. Remember? I've actually been stood up there as well, but that's another story....

We had an amazing breakfast and enjoyed a morning Kir Royale, a really yummy breakfast drink for special occasions.

One thing (among many) I learned about myself while the girls were here is what a terrible subject I am in front of the camera. I am so used to being behind the camera, that I can't stand being in front of it!! I tense up, and don't know how to stand. Ugh. We tried a photo session and I was just terrible. I need to work on that. But Janna snapped a couple of decent shots of me in Lalo, and I think they're good because I wasn't looking at her, but mostly because I did a little Photoshop touch-up on my eye wrinkles.

The next stop on the tour was Zabar's, the Upper West Side grocery store where Meg Ryan's character accidentally runs into Tom Hank's character while she's trying to check out of the "cash only" lane when she has no cash.

I walked away with some yummy Zabar's tea and some super yummy Zabar's fig preserves.

Remember when Meg Ryan first sees Tom Hanks in the checkout line and she hides behind the bread? Here's our recreation of that scene...

Love you girls!!!


Marla Taviano said...

Fun post! Great pics! LOVE that movie!

ohhollyf said...

How do you both have such fab hair? sorry I luv the fun NY girlie time picture, too :)