Monday, March 16, 2009


The birthday celebrations continued last week after all the fabric shopping. Our final destination was of course, a restaurant. But before sitting down to a relaxing meal, we stopped for dessert first at Magnolia Bakery for their signature cupcakes. It was like a feeding frenzy inside their little bakery. There was quite a crowd waiting in the corner, each person having their own cupcake box all ready to go as soon as the baker brought out more cupcakes to the self-service counter.

Our dinner destination was Home, a restaurant in Greenwich Village. They have an quaint back patio, and we were the only ones out there for quite a while (we eat a little earlier than most New Yorkers). The patio is super quiet and they had gas heaters going, so it was warm and comfortable. I highly recommend it! I love finding quiet places in the middle of the City.

Janna got a candle in her chocolate mousse, and we all enjoyed our meal tremendously.

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