Sunday, March 22, 2009

Signs of Spring

Is anyone else excited about the signs of Spring?? Friday was the official first day of Spring, and Rye celebrated with a snowstorm. Nice, huh? After our beautiful day in the park flying kites, God decided to blanket us with another layer of sugar. But I really didn't mind. It snowed hard for about an hour and then it was gone and melted. And now Spring is back!

As we were driving to church this morning, there was a hillside in Greenwich (a small hillside, but still a hill) covered in crocus. I LOVE crocuses. Having spent a few years of my childhood in England, crocuses to me are the first sign of Spring. Our town in England was just covered with them. I love 'em.

Well I think we have crocuses in our backyard, but I'm not sure. They don't look at thick (if I can use that word to describe a flower) as crocuses, so maybe the ones we have are a daintier type or something. The kids picked a few and Ava was really excited to put some in a little bottle by her bed. "Then I can look at them and smell them anytime I want Mommy!" I love how she's thinking.

The other sign of Spring in our house is that Ava gets to wear her "spark-il-e" (not sparkly) shoes outside, instead of her Uggs. She could not be more excited. She even wore her Easter dress to church today because it was nice enough outside, and I am a firm believer in wearing your Easter dress for multiple Sundays.

Happy Spring everyone!

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