Sunday, March 15, 2009

Purl Patchwork

If you are a fabric junkie, this is the place for you. And if you are a REAL fabric junkie, I'm sure you are familiar with Purl Soho.

Purl Patchwork and Purl are two stores located a few doors away from eachother in Soho, on the edge of Greenwich Village in NYC. They are very small stores, but they pack a punch given their square footage.

Purl is a knitting store, but Purl Patchwork is what was calling our names that day as it was Janna's #1 pick for places to go on her Purty Thirty birthday trip to NYC. Times Square, Rockefeller, Central Park? Nope, Purl Patchwork was her pick of places to see in the City. And it was worth it!! She was a kid in a candy store!! She came armed with birthday money and a project list, and walked out with an armload of beautiful fabrics!

Thanks go to Karle, our fabulous salesperson! She was VERY willing to put up with our ooo's, ahh's, many cameras, and many questions. We spent well over an hour in there, and she was a joy to chat with! Turns out she helped make all of Mary Poppins coats for the Broadway production that we saw the very next day!! By the way Karle, the coats looked amazing. Nice work!!


Puva said...

Love all the photos. You're awesome at photography! (:

I like the last photo a lot. I like the one with Janna at the window (with an ecstatic expression on her face) even more! Fun day!

ohhollyf said...

Yummy, all those colors !

Michelle said...

WOW ~ beautiful photos! What an awesome way to celebrate 30! Thanks for sharing!