Friday, March 13, 2009

City Bakery

What girl's week in NYC DOESN'T revolve around food?? I mean, c'mon! We had our general plan each day of what neighborhood we were visiting and what stores we were interested in, but let's be honest, restaurants and bakeries were our main destinations. I'm pretty sure our shopping and wandering revolved around where we were going next for lunch or snacks!!

The quote of the trip about food came from Janna while we were wandering around Greenwich Village...."oooooo, can we stop for a cupcake on the way to our pizza?" That pretty much sums up our time together.

One of our mornings started at City Bakery, which I had previously posted about on Feb 12th, when I went with my mother in law. Janna and Erin just had to sample their hot chocolate, but I learned from my last visit that it's best to buy a small, and then split it three ways. The flavor we sampled was Vanilla Bean. Wow.

If you're anything like me, bread is a weakness. Especially flaky breads that you know use a pound of butter. But sometimes those breads can be too sweet, so if you want a mix of both, you have to go to City Bakery for their pretzel croissant. It's salty and flaky on the outside and sweet and chewy on the inside. It's heaven.

Next time I go to City Bakery, I have to go for their salad bar, because I think that is more well known then even their pretzel croissants. It's HUGE, and it's all organic and homemade everyday. You pay by the pound, so I'm sure it can get pretty expensive quickly. So next set of visitors to NYC, let's go there for lunch!

Mar 6 City Bakery 002

PS. We did go to Martha the other day, and our episode is airing today around the country. If you're in the NYC area, it airs at 11am on channel 4. Check us out! We're sitting in the middle section, just a couple rows up.

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