Monday, February 9, 2009

Old Greenwich

So today's adventure was to Old Greenwich, CT and to Greenwich Point Park....a state park located on a beautiful peninsula with views of Manhattan (way on the horizon) and Long Island (across the Long Island Sound). GORGEOUS!!!

Of course I have a series of images of the kids. Who else? They had so much fun on the beach when it's not 30 degrees outside. It did get up to the mid 50's today, so it was very pleasant outside, but we still needed hats and gloves, because there was a cool breeze coming off the Long Island Sound. There were many "treasures" collected for the treasure box, and many rocks thrown and skipped into the water.

So here is a rare of me!! I have often said that my children may not have proof that I was their Mom when they were little other than their memories, but here it is. I do exist!!

Greenwich Point Park is definitely on the go-back-to list. There is a circular drive around the peninsula including the Old Greenwich Yacht Club, places to go claming, boat rentals, cabins, wind sailing, and hiking trails and picnic tables. To get there, you have to drive through Old Greenwich, which is the most gorgeous area of Greenwich. House after house is just what you would picture in an East Coastal Town, but with excess money. Really, it's gorgeous. Lots of beautiful, but not extravagant homes on the water. Lots of white picket fences, and a main street that belongs in a magazine. In fact, it kind of looked like Stepford, if you've seen the movie.

No wonder it's a nice place to live...I got pulled over twice by the same policeman!!! First, I pulled over to check the GPS to make sure we were still going the right way to get to the Park, and he pulled up next to me. In not such a nice way, he asked me what I was doing. He wanted to make sure I wasn't planning on going into the "private" community. I told him I was just checking the map to make sure we were still going the right way, and he looked at me like I was lying or something. Instead of asking me if he could help, he told me it was his job to make sure the private community stays private. Like I'm some out-of-state riff raff that is going to peep in people's windows!!! Then, once we were in the park, he pulled me over again (with his lights!!!!!) to ask me more questions!!! Were we on vacation? I guess out of state plates heightened his scrutiny, but my CO plates do expire at the end of February, so he wanted to make sure I wasn't driving around with a non-registered vehicle. Good gracious!!!! Yes, I'm going to the DMV to get New York plates this week.

Other than the run in with the Connecticut police, it was a great and beautiful day. We had an amazing lunch from Rockridge Deli down the street from our house (the most amazing hot pastrami sandwich), and I'm going to end the day watching the Bachelor....tonight is the hometown dates.


Puva said...

Aww...the kids are too adorable! Looks like all of you had a great time (:

ohhollyf said...

I like the pic of you it would be a great new avaitor :)