Sunday, February 8, 2009

Breaking Rules on the Beach

Heeeeeelllllloooooo 50 degrees!!!!! Haven't seen a 5 on the temperature gauge in a while, unless it's been 35, 25, even 15 degrees. Wow, what a gorgeous day!! I think everyone else in Rye had the same idea. We took Presta and the grandparents to Rye Beach to walk around. There was even a girl on the beach with her beach towel and beach accessories. A bit much I think. I mean, 50 degrees felt nice, but it's no 70!!!

Presta desperately needed exercise, and the usual dog meet-n-greet is in Rye Beach Park, but today it was on the beach. I'm thinking that most signs and postings are generally ignored in the winter time, because these signs were posted all along the beach where all the dog owners and their dogs were happily playing.

We decided to not break the rules with the masses, so we headed down the beach and broke the rules all on our own. I figured if we got in trouble, we could use the "we're from out of town" excuse. It's worked before!

The afternoon ended with a football game at the Rye Rec. It was a bit messy and wet given the warm temps and all the melting snow, but I think the guys had a great time. Berl (our neighbor extraordinaire) was the instigator, with Wade, his Dad, and Berl's buddy Marty as the rest of the team. By the time I got there, the games were ending, but at least I got to greet them as they came off the field. Go team!

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