Thursday, February 12, 2009

Martha, Martha, Martha

Well today was the big day. Martha!!

We started the morning by escorting Wade on the morning train to Grand Central while Grandpa stayed behind and had a fun day with the kids.

Sharon and I took a cab down to Union Square and then wandered over to the City Bakery ( ) for what I was hoping to be brunch. Brunch is only served on the weekends, so we settled for a yummy pretzel croissant and a baker's muffin. A couple of amazing substitutes. We also sampled some of their famous hot chocolate, but it was so good that it wasn't good. You know? It was so thick and so rich, that I could only drink 1/3 of it. It really is more like dessert, and I think it should be served with fruit to dip in it!!

The hot chocolate is served from a soup terrine, so that will tell you something of it's consistency. It's more like chocolate stew!

We wandered up 5th, which was quite reminiscent of a wind tunnel, not that I've ever been in one, but if I had, I think this would be the same feeling. Sharon literally had to hold on to a light pole at one point while we were checking out the Flatiron Building. I'm surprised I wasn't blown away taking her picture!

And then onto Martha. We saw her outside while we were waiting in line to get in, and it's always weird to see someone famous. They just look normal!! Go figure, eh? So the show we were a part of will air this coming Monday, Feb 16th...the President's Day episode. Check us out on Monday.

And who was the featured guest?? President Clinton!! Again, weird to see someone famous up close and personal, but he looks just like he does on TV, but his face is much redder in person. It was a great interview. I'm not the hugest fan of his....OK, I really don't like him at all, but it was a good interview.

To see when Martha airs in your area, go to Sharon and I actually did make it on TV. When she does "Ask Martha", the lady in front of us was selected for a question, and Sharon and I are perfectly framed just behind her in the camera shot. Check us out!!!!

The audience was required to wear red, white or blue, and we were in all red. As they pan the audience, we were on the far left in the red part of the audience, in the second row.

Martha looked great in person. She really is a beautiful lady, but oh my is she intense. Her demeanor definitely changed at commercial break. Not too bad, but we did witness her getting pretty upset at someone that worked for her. I certainly wouldn't want to have her for a boss.

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Janna Widdifield said...

Oh, we MUST add this bakery to our list of "To do." Did you get the email that we got more MS tickets for when we are there?