Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hanging at the Homestead

So now that Grandma and Grandpa have left and we have the house to ourselves, I think we were a little depressed today. No more entertaining, trip planning, exciting drives or train rides into the City. So ya, I think we were a little depressed. Also because there is a very large stack of mail staring at me and an even bigger pile (or piles) of laundry waiting for me in the basement.

So we spent most of the morning in our pj's hanging out in the playroom. And I, of course, decided to do a little rearranging while singing along with the Little Einsteins.

As a photographer, I love light, and I've realized that the playroom would make the most amazing studio for me if I had my business out here. It's big enough for equipment, and has a huge walk-in closet. My kid's toys don't know how good they have it....they have more storage space than my own closet.

So when Tyson asked me to take his clothes off so he could put on a princess dress, I of course ran for my camera and took advantage of all the gorgeous light.


cfriedenstein said...

Don't you DARE even think about showing these pics of Tyson at his wedding rehearsal. He's disown you! Smile Dad

Melissa said...

Oh wow! I bet Wade is going to love these pics. Of course, I know all about it. My girls used to dress Andy up in boas and high heels. Buy that boy a pirate costume or something. HA! :)

Melissa said...

I bought Andy a pirate costume during a Halloween sale one year. But, a lot of times you can go to the Disney Store and find them marked down. I picked up a Buzz Costume one year for Andy for $10. Just depends on timing. The party stores have deals sometimes too. I'll have to ship you Andy's when he's done with his.

Ryan and Janeen said...

Be careful! Wade might make you go back to work if he finds out what you are doing with the kids while he's out. *wink*
These have "wedding - photos set to music" written all over them!!

Jennifer Urbin Photography said...

The light in these pics looks amazing. It looks like you had a lot of help from the white walls, white chaise....which provides that soft reflective bright light. Love the one where she's peaking out from behind the chaise. Too Cute!