Monday, January 19, 2009

Good Thing I Like My House...

Good thing I like our house, because we seem to spend A LOT of time in here!! It's snowing today...again. I like the snow, but the extreme cold is starting to get to me. We did go to Westchester Mall today to run around with our friend Andy and his two boys Brennan and Evan (who are coming over for a sleepover on Wednesday night). The mall was pretty schmancy, and makes Cherry Creek Mall in Denver look like a strip mall with KMart as it's flagship store. Plus you have to pay to park in their parking garage. Of course you do. It's New York.

So we're trying to find things to do inside while we've been indoors the last number of days. What's better than fresh brownies??!! Or better yet, brownie batter.

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Janna Widdifield said...

Our girls must think a lot alike. We, too, made brownies today and I took several shots of Anne licking the edge of the bowl as she stirred...She and Ava could be twins with their chocolate mustaches.