Saturday, January 3, 2009


Today we ventured into the City as a family with our super cool $14 dollar strollers from Wal-Mart. We've decided to go umbrella stroller for each child if Wade comes with me, because our double stroller, which I love, is just too big for the trains.

Our destination today was FAO Schwartz to spend the gift cards the kids got from Auntie JoJo (Joanne) and Uncle BoBo (Toben).

Once we got to the City, the kids needed a little run around time, so we played on the steps of the NYC Library and had to chase Tyson around while he was chasing the pigeons. That kid has NO fear, which has the opposite effect on me.

The next stop was the American Girl store on 5th Avenue, just because we were walking by. Ava picked up a catelog and has been looking at it ever since. She's found her "barbie", as she calls them, that looks just like her. Short blond hair with hazel eyes. Maybe for her birthday in July?? She might be a bit young still, but we'll see....

And finally we made it to FAO, near lunch time of course, and near meltdown time. But overall, the kids hung in there since they knew we were shopping for them. We enjoyed a concert on the Big Piano including Chopsticks and The Entertainer (one of two songs I can play on the piano from memory). They quizzed the audience on the movie Big, of course, and it's kind of cool that part of that movie was filmed in Rye at the pier.

Another fun fact about Rye that we found out was that Barbara Bush was born and raised in Rye, and she and George Bush senior were actually married here, just down the street from our house. Pretty cool!

Then Wade and the kids got their big chance to show off their piano talents...

This section was a bit hit for Tyson. It was filled with all sorts of "classic" toys, most of them being wooden, which I like. They spent a good 15 minutes playing with all the jack-in-the-boxes. We ended up picking an FAO drum that was filled with instruments. We've been marching around the house making all sorts of sweet music!!

Ava wanted to look at "girl" things, so we headed over to the Barbies. Big hit!! She especially loved playing on the computer and creating her own Barbie. Super fun!

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